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Registered Veterinary Technicians

A Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) is an integral member of a modern veterinary health care team.  An RVT has obtained advanced certification and education in veterinary medicine, facilitating more effective monitoring, treatment, and understanding of your pet’s health. This training can set in motion a stronger bond between the technician, veterinarian, client, and patient.   Animal Emergency Medical Center understands the necessity of utilizing RVT’s and the importance of encouraging current and prospective veterinary assistants to become certified.  AEMC actively promotes and sponsors the education of all employees willing to take action.  There are currently seven RVT’s working at AEMC across the departments of emergency and critical care, internal medicine, surgery, and exotics.

John Anunciation III, RVT Michael Lebouf, RVT
Robin Field, RVT Patricia Ogasawara, RVT
Laura Gomez, RVT Robyn Parker, RVT
Lorraine Gomez, RVT Jamie Ross, RVT
Celia Barajas Huerta, RVT Paula Mendoza, RVT
Angelica Kerr, RVT Anna Trauner-Minnich, RVT
Sam Kong , RVT
Toni Vitalich, RVT


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