ANIMAL HEALTH ALERT: Canine Influenza H3N2 diagnosed in local dog in the San Gabriel Valley  

I have an epileptic dog who must have IV valium to control seizures so I have been in to Animal Emergency Medical Center, many, MANY times. Both my dog and I have been treated with kindness and courtesy no matter what time of the day or night he seizes. Their staff is top notch and caring. I have spent many hours sitting and watching the staff while comforting my dog, and have seen nothing but gentle, considerate and compassionate caring for every animal!

Regarding the cost, ALL medical, whether human or animal can be costly. The procedures and drugs that are used on humans are many times used on animals in order to save their lives. For those of us who think of our pets as family members, the medical bills are just a fact of life. I'll skimp on other things, but take care of my pets! They ARE family.

I would recommend them unconditionally.

Mari H.

My first of many experiences with the Animal Emergency Medical Center was with a Possum that had been hit by a car. Any creature is worth saving and it was apparent that the Animal Emergency Medical Center thought so as well. After being there for awhile, I asked to see who became to be known as "Awesome Possum". I was amazed to see how clean and well he had been tended to. Dr. Quantz told me she was going to make sure that he went to Possum Rescue. She kindly gave me the phone number to keep track of Awesome...who was eventually sent free. I was so impressed with the fact that the possum was treated like any pet that might be brought in. It is a reverence for life that is important in any medical situation, that you will do whatever it takes to save a life. This is what I have found in all my experiences with the Animal Emergency Medical Center. My 10 year old Newf had bloat and two years later had an infection that also almost took his life. I took him to AERC in the middle of the night and both times they saved his life. He lived almost fifteen years because of the expert, humane and supportive care Bear and I received. There are two more Newfoundlands that had surgery both still alive happy & healthy due to the professional, amazing care of the veterinarians and staff. I trust them wholeheartedly with my animals that are an extremely important part of my life. I could not recommend them any higher than to say that I trust them with my "family".

Pamela P.

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